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Naturally Simple Living is a consulting group, offering educational services on healthy living and well-being,  operated by Stephany Hoffelt.

Stephany is an Iowa-based community herbalist who also teaches at regional and national herb conferences.   Stephany has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, where she studied clinical herbalism, ethnobotany and ecological design.


She writes for various herbal publications including: The Essential Herbal Magazine, Plant Healer Magazine and Natural Herbal Living Magazine.

Stephany Hoffelt BA HAS Iowa City

Where to find quality herbs?


Ideally, we could all go out and gather our medicine from pristine woods and green meadows,  however the reality of wild crafting here in Iowa is that you have to be quite careful about where you source your raw materials.


The small managed recreational areas we have spray herbicides or pesticides and road side ditches are often reservoirs for agricultural run-off.


Growing your own wellness garden is a fulfilling project.   As a Johnson County Master Gardener, I have been helping people learn about gardening for years.


I studied ecological design at Goddard because I feel that gardens based on ecological design create pockets of wellness in the ecosystem and promote mutually beneficial relationships with other species, healing the rift between humans and nature.


This is an integral part of making connections.   If you are not inclined toward gardening, check with local herbalists and farmers when looking for supplies.

Herbal Medicine Makers

If you aren't the do-it-yourself type and can't find something locally,   I have spent a lot of time traveling the country and visiting various vendors markets.  The following links will take you to the websites of some of the best medicine makers in the country.

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Are you the type who likes to browse and chat while you shop?

Attend a conference and check out the vendor markets.


This is your best opportunity to sample and ask questions of the vendors.


An herbalist’s primary role is that of supporting your goals for improved health and well-being. Herbalists neither diagnose nor directly treat disease. We believe constitutionally appropriate nutrition, lifestyle choices and individually formulated herbal preparations support your body's efforts to maintain a healthy state. The information on this website is provided as educational material to help guide you on how to make choices which support your body’s innate healing capacity.